RetroDECK is a in development but polished and beginner-friendly flatpak application for playing your retro games on the Steam Deck and the Linux Desktop. Available with just one click away in Discover or wherever you get your flatpaks.


Together with ES-DE, other software and RetroDECK's own Framework. We are trying to bring you the best all-in-one system out there.

designed for you

pickup and play

No configuration is needed to start. You provide the games and we provide the play.

quick resume

Quit your game and pick it up exactly where you left off.

rewind & fast forward

Go back in time and retry without having to restart your game or skip over that long conversation.

The Configurator

A super powerful multi-tool interface that allows you to have quick access to the advanced functions and tweak them to your desire.


Everything is contained within one application and not over your entire filesystem. Only one place to look and one place to backu.!

Use your system

With RetroDECK there is no need to replace your existing Linux / SteamOS to get a all-in-one retro gaming solution. Install it on what you already have.

Hotkey System

Features a in-depth global hotkey system with radial menus in addition to button combos via Steam Input.


Can't surpass THAT point? Don't want to farm? Enable cheats and play smoothly.

metadata & Images

From the ES-DE frontend you can pull information to your library to create a beautiful user experience from various sources, that fits your style.

Retro Achievements

Get rewarded while you play! RetroDECK tracks your progress and awards you when you go the extra mile.

Always evolving & Improving

The RetroDECK Team always have several things in the works, what follows is just a tiny selection. To stay up to date on latest RetroDECK news check the the Wiki and join the Discord.

Planned / In-progress Features

online gaming

Tools to make it easier to play with your friends online.

cloud saves and backup

RetroDECK will backup your progression and sync it across multiple devices.

Multi-User System

Use local RetroDECK users or bind Steam Deck users to your own saves and emulator configurations.

Configurator Godot Edition

The new controller friendly configurator with even more advanced tools.

Add separate games to Steam

Tools for adding all your favorite games as separate entries in Steam with the click of a button.

More Content

RetroDECK will support even more Emulators / Game Engines / Tools and Systems.

Support RetroDECK or the software we use

Help us keep the game preservation ecosystem alive and healthy.